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It seems that every other day, someone writes an article (and I’ve read more than my share of these) about how car culture is dying out. These articles are often geared toward an older generation, the generation that grew up idolizing ’57 Chevy Bel Aires and who are now driving their prices to the vicinity of Mars.

Well I’m an iPhone-wielding teenager from an entirely different generation who has a few thoughts on this.

Car Shows


Car’s and Coffee (and that sort of thing) is interesting but very staid. Sure the cars are pretty but most of them I may never be able to afford if the appreciation curves continue as they currently are. The vibe I get from most parking-lot shows is that the cars are never driven hard (as they were designed to be). Blue chip cars will never interest me personally.


On the other hand, racing is much more interesting. I’m lucky enough to have a nice car (Saabaru) and have the opportunity to regularly autocross it with the SCCA. I appreciate the SCCA events because there are a lot of focused and quick drivers who really care about racing and will happily talk to a kid wearing a backwards Subaru Rally Team flatbill about their cars (eg Ford Escort Cosworth). However, racing is expensive. No one (not the SCCA, POC, or PCA) makes its particularly easy for young people with less money to participate.

So that’s a problem. Racing is expensive and Car’s and Coffee is exclusive. Where I live there are no tracks that are nearby (and the closest ones are also very exclusive and hard to get on). You’ve gotta keep your racing on the track because racing on the streets is dangerous, illegal and stupid. But I see why people do it. It sure is a hell of a lot cheaper if you don’t get caught. But how to solve these problems? I don’t know.


Maybe I’ll roll on down to the next Stance Meet. Not exactly my style but they’re very friendly. Or better yet, I’ll see you at rallycross.


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